The Office of the President of the Republic of Malta is most keen on promoting artistic endeavours happening in the Maltese artistic scene throughout the current presidency. 

The live charity fine arts auction shall be one of a number of events organised throughout the year in aid of Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation. Such events contribute towards the ever-growing needs that the Foundation needs to cater for. Thanks to your prospective support, the charity auction can become one of a series of events supporting these needs and ambitions.


Due to current COVID-19 pandemic this year's edition shall be virtual and broadcast  to reach our audience. Nothing can really beat an experience at the palace, however we will make sure to turn it into a positive experience and incentivise an educational approach.

This is why we shall be teaming up with TVM to broadcast the auction live, as well as other social media platforms. We have also increased the number of invited artists and revised our previous terms of sale conditions.

In partnership with ARTZ ID we will also promote this event as an open call, however invited artists shall be given priority. An independent selection jury shall be announced on our website and social media in the coming days. As part of this year's educational campaign, we shall be promoting the artist together with their work. 

Terms and Conditions

What information and content do i need to provide?

1. Good Quality Image 2. Title of artwork
3. Size (of image) 4. Medium Year 5. Price -Please indicate the estimate which will consist of a lower and highest estimate range of your price. Ex: 200-350 Euros 6. Website URL or ARTZ ID profile URL

What happens if my artwork does not sell?

Once the auction ends, unsold works will be kept at the premesis and promoted for another three weeks, in case someone would be interested to ask for it after the auction has ended. Once this period is over we will reach out to you to inform you if the artwork has been sold or not. You have the option to donate it to The Malta Community Chest Fund or request it to be delivered back.

What happens when my artwork sells?

For the 2020 Edition of The contemporary Fine arts auction the committee has agreed on giving back a 25% from the sale back to the artist. However the artist can opt to donate all proceeds to The Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.

Do I need to frame my art work?

Being that the 2020 Edition will be held virtually, artwork shall not be displayed at the palace, therefore artworks can be submitted unframed.


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